Bubble Overlay Collection


$15.00 $5.00


Kids love bubbles, and sometimes bringing them to a photo shoot can be such a fun treat. I have noticed that sometimes they aren’t always in the areas I want them to be in even with a bubble machine so I made these overlays to help fill in the gaps when I need more bubbles. They are also perfect when you don’t have real bubbles and just want to add something fun you your photos.

A touch of spring and summer, a cool party effect – whatever you want to use the bubbles in your photos and composition for!

You get 13 pictures with floating soap bubbles against black backgrounds!

**You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and know how to work with the layers.
**You will need software that supports the use of JPG files and to open Zip files.

*If you have purchased this overlay collection here is a video tutorial on how to apply them. Their incorporation is very simple: just lay one of the soap bubble pictures over your image and set the blending mode to “Screen”. And here you go: the black background disappears and the colorful bubbles slip realistically past your scenes.

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