Photographing The Moon

Do you want to learn how to take better photos of the moon?

Photographing the moon is really easier than you think! First thing is first you will need a camera or some sort. You can take a good picture of the moon with a cell phone but I don’t so I can’t help you there. To photograph the moon I like to use the longest lens I have which is a 70-200mm lens. The longer the lens the better, I do plan on investing in a longer telephoto lens but this is what I have for now.

What you will need:
tripod (optional but better)
200mm+ lens

  1. Camera Mode: Set your camera mode to full Manual Mode.
  2. ISO: Set your ISO to 100  (basically, whatever base ISO you have in your camera). For most other brands, the base ISO is also 100. If you have a point and shoot camera, see if you can find a menu setting to set your ISO to 100. Make sure “Auto ISO” is turned Off.
  3. Aperture: Set your aperture to f/11.
  4. Shutter Speed: Set your shutter speed to 1/125 or 200.
  5. Lens Focus: Set your lens to manual focus (either through a switch on the lens or on the camera) and set your focus to infinity. Be careful while setting the focus to infinity, as some lenses allow focusing beyond infinity.

When you are finished with your photographs I recommend editing them. They may look great but if you simply sharpen them up a little bit and add some contrast you will really see the detail in the moon.

Check out your local news and astronomy sites to see when the next full moon, eclipse, or super moon will be.

and.. There you have it. Simple tips for photographing the moon.

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