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Professional Retouching Services

Services available:

  • Head or Body Swaps
  • Background object removal
  • Hair Fixing
  • Liquifying (“Thinning”)
  • Acne & Blemish Removal
  • More!

Contact me for quotes on retouching jobs. Each project is subject to different costs depending on what needs to be altered in the image or images. Image retouching starts at $1 per image

How it works:

  • Contact me for a quote by emailing me the image and telling me what you’d like done. You can also find me on Facebook for quicker communication.
  • Then, email me a high resolution file through email (Google Drive, an attachment, or Dropbox work well).
  • I will complete the retouch and show you a copy. If you are satisfied I will send you an invoice.
  • After the invoice is paid your final image will be emailed to you.

* Note that the images you submit for retouching must be your own photographs (you must own the copyright) or you must have written permission with a signature from the original photographer. Editing other people’s images is against copyright laws.

Below are samples. These include body/head swaps, sky overlays, skin retouching, and more.





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